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What are Essential Business Leads

Business leads, or sales leads, are actual business owners that are interested in receiving Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs). Small and medium businesses are always looking for financial help in the form of quick funds from an MCA provider.

With an essential business lead generation strategy, you can procure potential leads from a variety of sources, and then follow up with each one. Long story short – more leads mean more chances of conversion.

Essential Business Lead Generation Strategy

If you’re not familiar with what business leads are or haven’t created an essential lead generation strategy yet, it’s time to get started! Here is how to generate essential business leads:

Sales Lead List Development – Start by creating a list of potential MCA leads. Create a profile for each one, including contact information.

Data Analysis – Once you create your list, study it carefully to determine which types of data are relevant and necessary to follow up with each lead quickly.

Lead Nurturing – This part is the most important element of an essential lead generation strategy! Now that you’ve created lists and studied them, you can begin to set the post-analysis into motion. Start by building out sub-lists based on commonalities between certain business owners — this will make it easier for you to create individualized messages later on down the road. For example, if there are multiple tire shops in your area, they might have similar concerns for their business.

Lead Segmentation – Next, you will want to create a multi-stage email sequence that is organized into different categories based on the businesses’ interests. This way you can follow up with them in real time and give them immediate attention, allowing them to feel like they are actually getting personalized service. If you don’t know what your potential leads are interested in, conduct research online or through social media, try to reach out directly through phone calls or face-to-face meetings!

Here’s an example of how it might work: There’s one MCA provider who offers personal loans intended for small business owners; they focus exclusively on small business owners looking for financial assistance with their enterprise. Their essential lead generation strategy starts with a list of all their potential leads, from which they can create post-analysis sub-lists based on the commonality of small business owners in need to financial assistance for their companies.

They then set up a multi-stage email sequence that is organized into different categories based on the businesses’ interests. The MCA provider might have one category for tire shops and another for dry cleaners, etc., so they can focus on what each specific type of business owner cares about most to get the conversation going!

Essential Lead Generation Tactics

Once you’ve created your lead lists and organized them into segmented groups or other useful groupings, it’s time to start following up with each potential customer. These are some of the essential lead generation tactics you can use to start building your database:

SEO – Search engine optimization is a great way to get more visibility on search engines for clients looking for particular types of businesses. A simple example would be if you were an accountant, and the majority of your leads came from people researching how to find an accountant in their area! You can optimize your site for those terms by creating copy and placing it on-site that answers questions like this and other things potential clients might search for before they turn to using a service like yours.

GoogleAds – This kind of advertising is generally pretty pricey, but it allows you to target specific keywords and geographical locations as well as demographic information. This is a great way to get more visibility on your site, but it can also be difficult to make sure you are getting the most return for your investment.

Cold Calling – A cold call is exactly what it sounds like — you call up potential leads without any prior notice or contact with them outside of their contact information. It can seem pretty intimidating, especially if they suspect immediately that this is an MCA lead generation strategy! However, there are ways to soften the blow by offering some kind of incentive to the business owner, whether that’s a special deal for first responders or another group that might be considered valuable customers in your area.