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Aged MCA Leads

MCA Aged Leads are one of the main groupings of business loan leads in the merchant cash advance industry. A lead is an attracted prospect who is in need of instant funds for businesses and isn’t able to touch the banks because of low credit scores. Lead generation approaches basically work in 3 methods, and Aged Leads are one of them.

MCA Aged Leads: Know Your Paybacks

MCA aged leads are filtered clients, verified leads who haven’t been called after a conversion period. These clients are slightly regular, they answer on calls and proposals. Aged leads are prior Live Transfer and Call Back leads, the only alteration is that it’s not necessarily exclusive. This is why they’re priced relatively lower. Some of the leading features of MCA Aged Leads are listed below.

  • Aged leads are generally older than other professional loan leads.
  • A perfect aged lead can be around 30-90 days old.
  • Nearly everything else is related to other lead types.
  • Further leads are exclusive although aged leads are not.
  • All leads are QC(Quality Control) approved.
  • Leads are DNC and TCPA compliant.
  • They may have been sold more than once already.
  • Typically sold in bulks.
  • Aged leads are much inexpensive than live transfer or call back leads.

Aged Lead Detail / Details you will Get

  • Timestamp
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Time In Business
  • Monthly Gross
  • Amount Requested
  • Credit Score

So how do they value your business? Reason is the first and most attractive price. The cost of aged leads is significantly lower than other leads such as live transfers and callbacks. You can buy lead for around 30 aged leads for the price of a particular lead.

Benefit? The probability of conversion increases tenfold. Although live transfers or callbacks are special leads and the contact ratio is 100%, they turn cold after the transaction is completed. Therefore, they are tagged as Aged Leads, and are listed for sale after a certain period of time.

Generally, aged lead is sold 30-90 days before sale. In the meantime, the list goes on and on. Aged leads are sold cheaply in bulk for a cheap amount.

 Of the long list of leads that were once exclusive and in need of loans, there is a strong possibility that they may still need cash because it is never a one-time business. ۔                                 

MCA Aged Leads

Chances are some aged leads never got a call. Many business owners and merchants look for merchant cash advances but not all of them meet the requirements properly. Therefore, these leads are never touched. Since they were interested in loans in the past, they may still be interested. He has probably improved his business and is now eligible for a loan. These leads are reliable and require cash on a regular basis.

MCA-aged leads are also useful for small businesses and enterprises. Because they have relatively little capital, it is easier and wiser for them to get less competitive leads.

Reasons to Invest in MCA Aged Leads

MCA Aged Leads are low-end, reasonable Merchant Cash Advance Leads. It makes sense to invest in MCA-aged leads, as well as listed essentials.

Cheapest possible price:

As mentioned earlier, MCA Aged Leads are significantly cheaper than special leads such as live transfers or appointment arrangements. Typically, leads that are about 30 days old are sold at 1. As leads grow older, their value decreases. Even in the case of aged leads, they can be sold to different buyers more than once.

Greater ROI:

Aged leads offer a higher return on investment. All of these were either special leads or were once interested in merchant cash advances leads. Some of them may still be of interest and you may sell, resulting in a small return on investment.

Less Competition:

When you pay for an aged lead, you may be the only one to contact the lead at this time. In contrast, special live transfers of real-time callback leads are constantly contacted by various different telemarketers until they take an interest and agree to take the funds. So the challenge is pretty clear, you will get more leads in the MCA aged lead generation with less competition.

Growth Opportunity:

MCA aged leads are qualified and earlier special leads with higher conversion potential. They are made up of potential traders who are looking for instant funds. Better production comes from better leads, not essentially more expensive. The better smart choice is for aged leads. Add more, test each lead, and grow your business.

Save Your Time and Money:

Instead of looking for special leads all the time, buy aged leads in a short time for a reasonable price.