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Merchant cash advance Live transfer

Think about it how you can grow your profits, efficiency, and customer service at the same time.

If you are thinking to get high-quality live transfer leads bestmcalead.com is here to achieve your goals. A full overview of the campaign follows and we look forward to launching a telemarked campaign designed specifically for you and your sales team & only targeted for merchant cash advance ( MCA ) clients.

As an outcome of live transfers, lead companies are capable to take advantage of call centers and improve the quality of calls. The call center representative can detect potential leads to generate phone leads or field inbound calls before calling customers. Once linked to the lead, call-center representatives facilitate leads and ask additional questions with the objective of providing these details to the call buyer.

Details We Collect & Provide to the Call Buyer


  • Contact Name
  • Contact Business Phone Number
  • Contact Cell Phone Number
  • Contact Fax Number
  • Contact Email
  • Requested Amount
  • Why do they want the funds?
  • What state are they located in?
  • What industry are they in?
  • How many loans do they have right now?
  • Balances of the loans they have now?
  • Owner of the business? Must answer yes!
  • How long have they been the owner?
  • Need the money now? Must answer yes!
  • $15,000+ per month? Must answer yes!
  • Do they process credit cards?
  • Credit score?
  • Do they have any equity?
  • Issues getting approved in last 30 days?
  • Best time to call back?

At the end, call center representatives provide a personal introduction between the lead and the call buyer, and facilitate the transfer as the lead passes along. Call sellers want to use direct routing because they allow call centers to eliminate bad callers and improve the quality of good callers. This, improves the lead company’s call quality and it can charge for their calls.

Okay now you can get live transfer leads directly from Bestmcalead.com with leads. By incorporating this channel into your marketing strategy, you may have the potential to call you in search of your services!

Everyone knows that in-sales sales are a valuable opportunity. Customer-driven communication dramatically increases your closing rates. In order to generate better ROI than the current “Internet Leads” compared to the current “Internet Leads”, Live Direct Transfer Leads has been incorporated into a sound and diverse marketing plan. live transfers are inbound calls that convert 10 times more than clicks.70% of mobile searchers clicked to call to connect directly with the business. Mobile search will generate more than 73 billion calls.

Live transfer marketing costs are maximized with zero waste due to our 100% contact rate! 61% of businesses rank their direct transfers higher through leads than any other lead source.

Replacement/Refund Policy

We will allow you to return leads that have any of the following issues:

  • No longer interested
  • Already funded & no need now
  • Currently in a BK
  • Less than $15,000 per month
  • Phone number disconnected
  • Contact name not matching phone #
  • Sub 500 FICO
  • Less than 6 months in business

Merchant is defaulting on another advance

Why live transfer leads?

Studies show that if you are not first then you are last! Connecting with prospects of interest within 1 minute can increase conversions by 391%! With bestmcalead you’re connected in seconds!

Exception: Our direct transfer leads are sent to you and your company only. You don’t have to compete with many other companies for the same possibility, which significantly reduces your closing rates.

The benefits of live transfer leads.

Competitive advantage: 78 of all sales! Goes to the first company that talks to the prospect. Stay connected to the time they are interested. 100% contact rate. We do not send email or paper leads. We pass the possibility of interest directly by phone!