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While many traditional marketing methods still play a role in lead generation, online efforts have become increasingly important to the growth of organizations. In fact, according to Sales Benchmark Index’s “2010 B2B Marketing Trends & Metrics” report, investments in lead generation and demand gen grew by 10% from 2009-2010.

A number of tools are available for generating leads through different types of online marketing efforts. A couple common examples include: Display Advertising – This type of ad includes text links and images that appear on web sites other than your own business’s site. The idea is to drive traffic back to your site where visitors will enter their contact information or perform some action that qualifies as a submission form entry. Social Media – The use of social media for lead generation has become increasingly popular. Social network recommendations have been shown to have a wide range of effects that can include increased propensity to purchase, increased brand awareness, and increasing referral traffic from existing customers.

In particular, the use of free social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be an effective way to drive people toward your site where you can convert them into paying customers. The key to leveraging social media for lead generation is keeping an eye on web analytics to measure the success of these efforts.

As more people look online for business services, it’s important that businesses have a strong presence in order to be found by potential customers. With this increase in usage comes an increase in competition with other organizations seeking the same customer base. Also, since consumers are already comfortable with purchasing products and services online, they are willing to do so from the convenience of their computer or mobile device rather than making a trip to your brick-and-mortar store.

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd? Leverage technology through marketing automation applications that coordinate multi-channel marketing strategies tailored specifically to your long term goals and your ideal customer profile to increase your ROI and maximize revenue!

The key again is having a strong online presence that can be measured, tracked and analyzed for ongoing improvement. Your company’s website will be the foundation from which all of your lead generation efforts are built. There are several components that you should have in place to ensure that visitors to your site perform actions like: Filling out contact forms Submitting enquiry or quote requests Subscribing for informative content (e-zine, e-mail series, etc.)

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