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The benefit of MCA Aged Leads

If you own a small business and are still trying to establish yourself in a competitive market, you are advised to market your products/services from an Aged MCA.


MCA Aged Leads is an important type of business loan lead in the Merchant Cash Advance industry.

Lead is a potential interest that requires immediate funding for a business and cannot reach banks due to low credit scores. Lead generation methods basically work in 3 ways, and lead in age is one of them.

Now, this may not always be the case, but chances are some of the leads you have never received a call from.

Because there are many businesses that apply for MCA financing services, they do not meet the MCA provider’s criteria and therefore remain unused.

Other leads are limited, but no older leads.

All leads have passed QC (Quality Control).

Leads are DNC and TCPA compliant.

They may have sold more than ever.

Usually sold in bulk.

Older leads are much cheaper than direct transfer or callback leads.

Elderly leads are usually older than other business loan leads.

The lead of a perfect life can be about 30-90 days.

It has all the other leads and everything else like the other types of leads.


Reasons to invest in Benefit of MCA aged leads

MCA Aged Leads are low-end, easily affordable Merchant Cash Advance Leads. It makes sense to invest in MCA-aged leads as well as stand-alone accessories.


Cheapest possible price:

As mentioned earlier, MCA is much cheaper than direct leads such as direct lead transfer or appointment arrangements. The price tag starts at ڈالر 1 per lead and decreases with the age of the lead cover. Typically, leads about 30 days old are sold at 1. As leads grow older, their value decreases. Also, in the case of older leads, they can be sold to different buyers more than once.

Greater ROI:

The older interest offers the maximum return on investment. While special leads cost 40% or more, 40-50-year-old leads can be purchased at the same price. All of these were either special leads or were once interested in merchant cash advances. Some of them may still be of interest and you can sell them, resulting in a great return on very little investment.

Less competition:

When you pay for an elderly lead, you may be the only one to contact the lead at this time. In contrast, special direct transfers of real-time callback leads are constantly contacted by various telemarketers until they take an interest and agree to take the funds. So the challenge is pretty clear, you will get more leads in the MCA older generation with less competition.

The benefit of MCA aged leads Development opportunity:

MCA Elderly leads are qualified and earlier special leads with high conversion potential. They are made up of potential traders who are looking for instant funds. Better production comes from better leads, not necessarily more expensive. The better smart choice for older leads. Add more, test each lead, and grow your business.

Save your time and money:

Instead of looking for exclusive leads all the time, buy older leads in a short time for a reasonable price. Even if only 2-3 of these leads are successful, your valuable time and effort are worth it. Contact us now to get qualified leads about younger prices that you can imagine.

Now that you have more leads and customers to interact with, you will soon realize that a sustainable process is needed to get rid of your MCA business easily.